“Someone once told me that your poem doesn’t start until you start telling the truth.”

Jasmine Mans


Love Isn’t


Love isn’t in her lips.

It’s not in her breast,

Or in her behind.

That just supplementary.


Love isn’t in between her legs

You wont find anything there.

Just Pleasure.


It isn’t forcing her

Or obligating her

To do something she isn’t comfortable with.


That’s  lust.

That’s  rape.

That’s torture.


Love is in her smiling,

It’s in her laughter,

In the inspiration.

It’s when she is fearless,

The Beauty of who crosses her mind.

It’s when she is free 

Filled with happiness

& enjoyment.


Love happens when it is caused by you,

When you see her soul, not her body.





Somehow I knew it wasn’t real.

As if it was played out

Or only what you saw in movies.

Hopeless & broken

I detached myself from you.

I don’t  want to love you, 

I don’t  want to know you


I rather enjoy my solitude.

It was what i knew best.

Avoiding the heartaches, 

I left you behind.

Risking my happiness

I let you be.

I’ll just never be too adventurous to let someone in.


Brown Eyes

The man with light brown beautiful eyes seduced me.

The man with light brown eyes

tamed me

& claimed me.

Never to see the sunlight.

Never would I feel alone

He saw right through my eyes & into my soul

forgiving my sins.

Destroyed by his taste,

 Destroyed by his eyes.

The man with light brown beautiful eyes never let me go.

Something Borrowed

A borrowed man is never an honest man,

He will entertain himself to his excitement.

Oh darling he will entertain you too

Only because he is not yours.

His intentions aren’t true

That man will always belong to her no matter what he tells you.

His heart & soul is to someone better than you, at least in his eyes.

So darling don’t fool yourself

Give that man back &

Find yourself the man who belongs to you.